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Archery Camp "The Way Of The Bow" will be an archery adventure. Camp is an amazing way to learn and enhance your archery skills!

Ages 8 + 

All Atlanta Archery Club summer camps will take place at the Alpharetta location.

11261 Alpharetta Hwy, Roswell, GA 30076

Our Purpose

  • To provide a safe, fun space for archers to learn and grow their skills in the self-empowering and super cool sport of Archery.

  • To teach archers techniques in grounding and centering to be able to harness the power of their breath and learn to let go.

  • To teach archers that any goal they may have is their target and that the skills learned through the art of Archery can be applied to any target on the range and out in the world.

  • To share the skills and the steps to personal power through the way of the bow with your camper!


Archers will

  • Understand the shot cycle

  • Make their own custom leather arm guard

  • Practice archery strengthening form

  • Have a great experience  

What to Bring to Camp

Please send the following with your camper each day:

  • Please have your archers wear comfortable clothing and shoes to camp each day

  • Backpack

  • Sunscreen – Please send your child to camp with sunscreen already applied and a bottle of sunscreen. The camp staff will make sure that sunscreen is reapplied throughout the day.

  • Non-perishable lunch and two snacks

  • Water Bottle

  • Sneakers, flip-flops, or Crocs will work, we will sometimes practice barefoot to connect to the earth.

  • Mask (optional)

  • Each camper will receive a camp shirt during their first week of camp.

Drop Off & Pick Up

  • Drop off will be at 11 am at Atlanta Archery Club North Range located behind the SharpShooters USA building located at 11261 Alpharetta Hwy 30076

  • Pick up will be at 4 pm at Atlanta Archery Club North Range located behind the SharpShooters USA building located at 11261 Alpharetta Hwy 30076


  • Please send your campers with lunch and two snacks daily. 

  • If archers forget their lunch, you can always drop it off at lunchtime.

  • We will have water for archers to refill their water bottles.

We do not mandate what individuals bring in their own lunches, however, in order to observe all dietary, allergy, and health issues, we ask the archers not to share food brought from home. We provide a nut-free area/table for lunch. Your camper’s groupmates can certainly join your camper if they do not have nuts or traces of nuts in any item in their lunch. 

Archery Equipment

  • We have all equipment for your archers.

  • We do have bows for sale if your archers want to have their own gear.

All Campers Must Adhere to Range Rules and Etiquette

Safety is always the first rule at archery camp. Maturity is necessary to maintain a safe environment during archery. Archers who cannot follow the program flow or who jeopardize the safety and well-being of other campers and staff will be asked to leave and will be refunded. 


If we need to advise your archer about his/her behavior, we will do so and connect with you (parent or guardian) at pickup that day. We encourage each archer to grow in the experience of gathering themselves so they can continue and participate. If they continue to be unable to follow range rules and etiquette, we will, unfortunately, have to ask him/her to leave and hopefully grow from that experience. 

To receive weather-related range updates - text “ARCHERY” to 404.998.4111

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